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– Lynette Parlow | University of Chicago

My experience with Siona has been life changing for me. I have suffered with severe swelling in my legs for over 20 years . I have been prescribed medicines, PT, old remedies, you name it. And then I met Siona, an angel sent from God. My doctor referred me to her for compression stocking fitting, and she took one look at my lymphatic legs and said you need compression boots. OMGoodness!
In 3 months the results have been amazing. I boot up every evening a couple of hrs before bedtime. I get in my nice comfortable chair and boot up! It is so incredibly relaxing. My legs now look amazing. I am down 3 cm of swelling. Before Siona I was so ashamed of my swollen legs until I dreaded wearing a dress or skirts. The awkward stares, questions from others, and remedy suggestions were just unbearable. No more of that! I can hardly wait to get home and relax in my compression boots. And I also wear my compression stocking socks daily for added support. I recommend this to anyone that has severe edema or lymphatic swelling. I am a very, very satisfied customer.

-Lynette Parlow | University of Chicago