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Siona Health Care now proudly carries Farrow Medical Solutions!

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What is FarrowWrap®? FarrowWrap® is a patent pending line of short-stretch compression garments that are easy to get on and off and will provide you with safer and smarter compression.


To understand why this is so, it is necessary to understand how fluid is managed in a normal limb. Blood goes into the limb through arteries and back to the heart through veins. The veins are assisted by active limb muscles. Between the arteries and the veins, the blood flows through the capillary system, where fluid, oxygen, and nutrients are exchanged with nearby cells. Excess fluid and waste from the area between cells are processed by the lymphatic system to be returned to the heart for reuse.

Swelling occurs when there is an abnormal accumulation of fluid that collects in the space outside the blood stream between cells.

Most products treat swelling by applying a relatively unchanging or narrow range of compression to the limb. If that compression is not enough, the garment will stretch and the limb will swell, so a tight enough garment must be prescribed to prevent swelling. Unfortunately, a tight garment is also harder to get on and off.

A FarrowWrap® short-stretch garment provides a wider range of compression. It provides low, steady levels of resting compression, but higher compression when you stand up or are active. The result is a more comfortable garment that reacts to the needs of the limb, providing more compression when you need it, and less when you don’t. This adaptable compression technology significantly improves venous and lymphatic function and aids active muscle assistance to the veins.

Since the FarrowWrap® is applied with Velcro, the garment can be easily adjusted to provide the same performance whether the limb is swollen or not. This is why a FarrowWrap® is easier to get on and off while providing safer and smarter compression. FarrowWrap is better compression made simple™.


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