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– Jane F. | Chicago, IL

I first started going to Siona Health Care five-and-a half years ago when I moved to Chicago. I had a modified radical mastectomy in 1988. Siona and her support staff at the Chicago Northside office, Dina and Diane, without a doubt provide the best service that I have ever experienced anywhere. Their professionalism, experience and compassion are beyond compare to any other health care that I have received. Siona makes sure that I have the latest and highest tech measuring devices to fit my breast prosthesis. I always look great whether wearing a strapless evening gown at my daughter’s wedding three years ago or swimming in my speedo bathing suit 3 or 4 times a week.

In addtion to all of this, I have not had to personally interact with any insurance company. This can be most aggravating and has never been the case for me for all the rest of my health care. Thanks so much! Great job!

-Jane F.