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– Donna M. | Chicago, IL

Reunited by an Emery Board!!!!

I first met Siona about 15 years ago when she fitted me for a Solaris arm sleeve. Of course I had an instant connection with Siona, enhanced by her gentle and compassionate nature. The sleeve did it’s job for me over the years, but about two years ago I knew that a needed a new one. I searched for Siona, but could never come up with the right prompts to locate her. I had all but given up when I came upon an old emery board in the bottom of a purse I was ready to toss out. I realized there was some faded lettering on the board, and honestly, to my shock, there was Siona’s information…. barely visible…. but there!!! Siona had given out these emery boards as a promotion 15 years ago when I met her!

I called the number and when Dina answered I knew this was a special story!
Found at last! Siona was as beautiful and caring as I remembered and we really had a great laugh over the Emery Board story. I now have my new sleeve and it is 3 times better than the old one, but more importantly I was able to reconnect with a talented health care professional that truly has her patient’s interests at the forefront.

Thank you Siona for your concern, support, and expertise!

-Donna M.