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– Nikki | Chicago, IL

I’m Nikki.

During my 2nd year of college I was diagnosed with an aggressive fibroid tumor on my left lower thigh. It was benign, but locally malignant; destroying all muscle tissue it came in contact with.

After the first surgery, the tumor re-occurred mid-thigh. After another, it grew from behind the knee to the left buttock. I’ve had so many surgeries, I’ve lost count. My entire hamstring muscle was removed and I underwent radiation in a grand attempt to stop the tumor.

The attempt left me very deformed. I lacked balance due to the loss of muscle and walked with a limp. There were frequent trips and falls. I prayed for something to improve my quality of life and there entered Siona of Siona Health Care!

She was so encouraging, positive, enthusiastic and plain old sweet. She had the courage and ingenuity to do what had never been done in the world. She designed a prosthetic that replaced the missing thigh, hip and buttock tissue.

At 51, I’m now able to walk with grace without a limp and I look fabulous doing so. Because of Siona, when I look in a mirror, I see me again!

Thank you Siona!