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Early Detection of Lymphedema is Crucial

Take a moment to read the article we have pasted below from Pamela Cowan, at Discussing Lymphedema and the components surrounding diagnosis and crucial treatments, the article explains why early detection is so critical to a healthy recovery.

“Unable to lift her arm and wrap her fingers around her beloved violin, Glenda Cook’s life hit a melancholy note soon after she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Shortly after surgery in 2008, Cook developed lymphedema in her left arm. The abnormal build-up of fluid in tissue causes swelling – often in the arms or legs, but it can occur anywhere in the body.

Cook went to Tracy Gardikiotis, a physical therapist with the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region (RQHR), who is a certified lymphedema therapist and has specialized breast cancer training.

“I was pretty lucky that it was caught early,” Cook said.

Still, lymphedema stole one of her great passions – playing second violin in the Regina Symphony Orchestra – something she had done for 32 years.

The 56-year-old president of the Lymphedema Association of Saskatchewan said more awareness is needed of the warning signs of lymphedema.”

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