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Upcoming Event: Cancer Connections (Saturdays)

Cancer Connections — Learn • Connect • Renew

At the Lurie Cancer Center, your treatment plan includes care for the mind, spirit and body. Cancer Connections is just what the doctor ordered, introducing tools, techniques, and services you can use to reenergize during and after cancer treatment.

Learn simple strategies to help you eat well, move more and manage stress and fatigue. Connect with networking groups, peer support programs, and other communities facing similar challenges. Renew your sense of well-being by trying to massage, acupuncture, meditation, healing touch and other integrative therapies.

Registration opens at 9:00am
Alberto Culver Health Learning Center
Prentice, 1st floor

$10.00 per person
Discounted parking available

WHEN: July 21st and November 17th, 2012 (Saturdays) — 10am to 2pm
WHERE: Cancer Connections — Prentice Women’s Hospital, 3rd Floor, Room L, 250 E. Superior Street.