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Compression Therapy Services

Need help coping with Lymphedema? Early detection and proper treatment is critical in the control of lymphedema. Take a moment to read about Lymphedema.

What is Lymphedema?

Lymphedema is the excess accumulation of lymph fluid that causes swelling in the tissue of the arm. Lymph is the transparent fluid that is collected from tissue in all parts of the body. The lymphatic system, composed of capillaries, vessels and nodes, collect lymph and deposits it into the circulatory system.

What causes Lymphedema?

In some cases, lymphedema can follow surgical procedures where there has been removal and/or damage to the lymph nodes or vessels. Radiation therapy can also affect function of this delicate vessel system. Lymphedema can occur immediately in the post-surgical period or begin unexpectedly several years later.

How is Lymphedema treated?

There is not yet a cure for lymphedema but there are several management tools available. Compression therapy, monitored by trained professionals, can reduce edema and keep the arm soft and pliable. After an evaluation, and with the approval of your physician, a compression arm sleeve, bandaging, massage therapy, or a lymphapress pump may be recommended.

Why is treatment important?

For patients with lymphedema, the risk for infection in that arm is increased. The fluid collected in the arm is protein rich, which can lead to bacterial growth. The lymph system is not in its usual defensive mode and is not filtering out the offending bacteria and viruses.

Aesthetics and quality of life are also concerns. Left unchecked, lymphedema can cause an arm to swell to the point where clothing choices become limited. Range of motion can be affected and there may be discomfort and/or pain.

When do I call the doctor?

Lymphedema identified in the early stages of its development is more successfully managed. Therefore, contacting your surgeon or oncologist when swelling first begins is important. Also, whenever infection is suspected, your doctor should be notified immediately. The symptoms to look for include:

• Redness or streaking in that arm
• Fever or sharp pain in the arm
• Sudden increase in the amount of swelling

Our Commitment to You:

The expertly trained staff at Siona Health Care regularly attends conferences to stay current on the best treatment methods. Treatment plans are designed to meet the unique needs of each individual patient.

• Lymphedema Pumps- we offer only the highest quality pumps available
• Sleeves & Gloves- we offer upper and lower extremity garments, as well as compression vests
• Night time garments- these are used to restrict the flow of Lymph fluid from entering into the limb while at rest or sleeping.
• Bandages- this is one of the most important components in the treatment process. When a good bandage is applied, it will function as a custom made compression garment each and every time.