At Siona Health Care our goal is to provide you with dependable,
honest and professional healthcare.  We make you feel comfortable.


We specialize in products leading to a better quality of life, including specialized Lymphedema treatment, mastectomy and post-mastectomy services, compression garments and orthopedic services. We also offer many revolutionary advances in health care not listed here.
If you feel confused or overwhelmed, you may suddenly be faced with shopping for a product and service you may know little or nothing about...we can help. Your comfort and a natural appearance is our goal with every fitting. Many frequently asked questions are explained in this website. However, if you need additional information don't hesitate to contact us.
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Recent News

January 1st, 2020

The LymphedemaTreatment Act was passed in the House of ...

The LymphedemaTreatment Act was passed in the House of Representatives!  We are now one giant leap closer to passing this bill into law and making sure patients have insurance coverage for their vital compression supplies.  I…

January 1st, 2020

University of Chicago Medicine Awards SHC President, Ts...

“We are so excited to accept this award. Everything we do is directly from our hearts and our patients are our top priority.” -Tsiona

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"I first started going to Siona Health Care five-and-a half years ago when I moved to Chicago. I had a modified radical mastectomy in 1988. Siona and h..."
"Reunited by an Emery Board!!!! I first met Siona about 15 years ago when she fitted me for a Solaris arm sleeve. Of course I had an instant connect..."
"Hi Siona, I REALLY want to THANK YOU again for everything you have done for me! I feel SO much better with my bras and sleeve. I feel a little bit..."
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